I am a Python programmer from Khabarovsk, Far East. My specializations are web programming and web scraping, and this site’s purpose is a demonstration of my related skills and knowledge.

Until late I was in the process of developing a consistent portfolio as a hired hand, but in the end I realized that most of the projects I’m participating in are just not suitable for display.

  • some projects closes right after or even before reaching Alpha stage for the lack of commercial or technical interest;
  • other projects are supposed to be used internally on the enterprise network, never seeing the light of day;
  • nasty NDAs are preventing me to disclose some or the other details of my work;
  • sometimes what seemed to be a sane project gets “clarified” and “elaborated” by the customer right to the point when I can no longer be proud of participating in it.

Considering all these misfortunate cases of events, I started to think that the best addition to my portfolio could be my own web project developed for my private use, by my own specifications.

And here it is!

For all non-tekkies out there I’d like to put a message through. Should you be in need of any web site, from simplistic business card to sophisticated, heavily-scripted network-crunching machine with its own API, AJAX effects, distributed database, built-in search engine etc, etc… Just don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

For tech-savvy people who wants to see what’s inside the box, I’m preparing a guided tour considering each component and technology used in the making of this site. Source included.

In case you’re just wondering who I am without my professional stuff, here’s my personal page and blog.


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It’s story of people’s struggle against the flooding river and the indifference of authorities. On the wild desolate island, that’s just across a narrow river branch from my home city.




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Some time ago I was began to experience one strange floating bug among the components of my working environment. The bug was really nasty, so that I could not pinpoint ...